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KTA Regulations

Below are the Regulations directly effecting KTA activities. The complete set of UNMIK Regulations are available from the UNMIK website o­n www.unmikonline.org
KTA Regulation This Regulation legally established the Kosovo Trust Agency and outlined its competencies.
Special Chamber Regulation This Regulation establishes a Special Chamber in the Kosovo Supreme court. It has been primarily established to adjudicate claims arising from the privatisation process.
Land Use Regulation The Land Use Regulation has been promulgated by the United Nations Security Council in New York.
New mining laws and regulations, which supersede all preceding mining laws and regulations
Rules of Tender - Ordinary Spin-Off

These are only model Rules of Tender. Any person wishing to bid for a NewCo should contact KTA Privatisation and request the specific Rules of Tender for that NewCo.

Administrative Direction for Transformation Procedures to be followed in exercising the authority to transform Enterprises into Corporations.