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The Kosovo Trust Agency is privatising Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosovo through the methods of spin-off and liquidation. Investors are invited to buy through open competitive tender the NewCos (new companies) created with the essential assets and some limited liabilities of the SOEs listed below.


NewCo Plastika: Located in central Pristina. Prime real estate development site. 12,210m2 land parcel with two manufacturing buildings, two warehouses, and one administration building. The company was formerly a major producer of plastic moldings for various commercial and industrial uses. Currently, production is limited with space being rented out to third parties on a short-term lease basis

NewCo Farmed: Located in central Pristina. Major pharmaceutical wholesale trading company for Kosovo. Nearly 11,000m2 land parcel. 400m2 offices. 7700m2 storage facility. Two cooling chambers. Test laboratory. Two 2 tonne lifts. Garage. 30,000 litre alcohol tank. Second 10,000 litre storage tank. Buildings and equipment in good working order. Currently 53 employees

NewCo Elast: Located in Gjakove/Dakovica industrial zone. Truck and bus tire retreading factory. Annual capacity of 16,000 retreads per annum. Currently not operating. 3000m2 factory built in 1986. Unfinished factory of 3600m2. 3.58 hectares of land.

NewCo Elast Warehouse: Located in Gjakove/Dakovica. Old rubber products factory. Not operational for 15 years. Can be used as warehouse or new production facility. 4500m2 of buildings. 1.41 hectares of land

NewCo Banja e Kllokotit Agricultural Land: Located in Kllokot. 22 hectares of land and a 310m2 building

NewCo Agromorava Motel: Located in Viti. 924m2 motel, 96m2 annex, 25m2 warehouse and 3,971m2 of land.

NewCo Agromorava Electrical Mill: Located in Kabash/Viti. Grain milling and storage facility. Six-storey, 19m high mill of 2166m2. Administrative building. Storage hangar. Old mill and has 12,178m2 of land

NewCo Agromorava Ramjan: Located in Ramjan/Viti. 315 hectares of agricultural land

NewCo Teuta: Located in Gjilan. Producer of uniforms and other textile products. Not operating. Small manufacturing facility and offices. Sewing machines.

NewCo Kosova Hidroteknika: Located in Prishtine/Pristina. Construction and engineering of water, sewage, irrigation systems and general civil engineering. Currently 63 employees. Small office building, engineering equipment, and land parcel.

NewCo Paper Factory: Located in Lipjan. Production of cardboard. Currently 137 employees. Factory and adminstrative offices and related land parcel. Equipment in good working order. With new investment, potential for expanded production, new products, and new markets

NewCo Paper Factory Parcela: Located in Lipjan. Two land parcels of 2410m2

NewCo Production Plant Recan (Prizren): 2500m2 warehouse located on the road to Brezovice/Brezovica between Recan/Recane and Pllanjan/Planjane. The Production plant represents an interesting opportunity for a variety of business activities and the site offers the new owner scope for further expansion.

NewCo Warehouse Zhur (Prizren): is located on the road to Albania between villages of Zhur/Žur and Vërmicë/Vrbnica. The Warehouse represents an interesting opportunity for businesses that are looking for logistic platforms, warehouses for raw materials/finished goods, as well as storage for import and export goods.

NewCo Perparimi Old Tile Factory F3: Located in Skenderaj/Srbica. 18,262m2 of land and old, non-functional brick and tile factory

NewCo Produkt Bakery: Located in Peje/Pec. Bakery with two production lines with capacity of 3000 kg per hour. Current production is 1200 kg per hour. Only industrial-scale bakery in Peje/Pec. Most equipment from 1986. Buildings cover 6000m2; built in 1980s. 1.6 hectares of land

NewCo Produkt Warehouse Hekurudhes: Located in Peje/Pec. 3-storey warehouse built in 1970. About 2100m2 of space. 0.23 hectares of land near Peje/Pec railway station

NewCo Produkt Warehouse Bus Station: Located in Peje/Pec. 360m2 warehouse built in 1949. 0.09 hectares of land

NewCo Teuta Carpet Factory: Located in Vrelle/Vrella, Istog/Istok. Factory built in 1982 for production of woolen carpets and blankets. Equipment is functional. Currently not operating. Buildings cover about 2400m2. 0.45 hectares of land.

NewCo Teuta Warehouse: Located in Vrelle/Vrella, Istog/Istok. 3 buildings of about 2500m2 built in 1995 on 0.60 hectares of land. Plus 880m2 warehouse built in 1979 on 0.28 hectares of land

NewCo Farm Vitak - Qubrel: in Skenderaj/Srbica municipality .Comprise of approximately 300 hectares of arable farm land.

NewCo Farm Leqine: in Skenderaj/Srbica municipality. Comprise of approximately 293hectares of arable farm land.

NewCo Farm Trnavc-Prekaz: in Skenderaj/Srbica municipality. Comprises of approximately 170hectares of arable farm land.

NewCo Farm Makermal: in Skenderaj/Srbica municipality. Comprises of approximately 30hectares of arable farm land.

NewCo Drenica New Shopping Mall: Located in Skenderaj/Srbica. Four floors. 3650m2 of shops, restaurants, and offices. 2277m2 of land.

NewCo Drenica Old Shopping Mall: Located in Skenderaj/Srbica. Two floors of total 1154m2. 577m2 of land

NewCo Celiku Metal Construction: Located in Gjilan. Structural metal production and civil engineering company. 46,000m2 of land and 8818m2 of production and office buildings. Currently 162 employees

Pre-qualification deadline is 06th July 2005

The date for submitting bids is 13th July 2005.

To receive further information, interested investors should contact the KTA which will provide them with additional information on how to bid.

Kosovo Trust Agency
The Privatisation Department
street "Ilir Konushevci" No.8, Pristina, Kosovo
Tel:++ 381 38 500 400 /1255
Fax: ++ 381 38 248 076
E-mail: soetenders@eumik.org
Website: www.kta-kosovo.org

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Fact Sheet Disclaimer

These Fact Sheets provide only a very general overview of each “NewCo” enterprise being tendered. The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) does not warrant the accuracy of any information presented. Prospective investors are encouraged to contact the KTA to request the bid documents related to each tender. It is also advised that prospective investors, prior to the submission of a bid, perform their own due diligence as to the NewCo's business, the assets and liabilities to be sold with the NewCo, and the legal regime under which the business will operate.