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intro to how to bid


Congratulations! You have already taken the first step in buying a Socially-Owned Enterprise (SOE) by coming to the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) website.
By carefully reading the following instructions and supporting documents, you can learn “How To Bid For An SOE.”
The KTA staff, both in the main KTA office in Pristina and in the KTA Regional offices, are always ready to meet with you and answer your questions.
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Thank you for your interest in Privatisation in Kosovo!”


1) The KTA privatises SOEs in Waves.

Wave 1 and 2 were launched and concluded in 2003.
Wave 3 was launched and concluded in 2004.
Wave 4 was launched in 2004 and concluded in early 2005.

The “Privatisation” section of the KTA website is organized in Waves. If you have a particular SOE you wish to bid for, you may have to look for it in more than one Wave, unless you already know which Wave it is in.

2) When the KTA sells an SOE, it actually splits the SOE into one or more new companies – which are called NewCos.

The KTA splits all the assets, and certain limited liabilities, into the NewCo.
Sometimes more than one NewCo is created, so an SOE might be split into two, three or more NewCos.
This is done when an SOE has a wide variety of dissimilar companies, which are artificially “bundled” together.
You must therefore know which NewCo from an SOE contains the assets you wish to purchase. You may have to read several Factsheets or talk to KTA Privatisation staff before you are certain which NewCo you wish to bid for.

Click here for a PowerPoint diagram, which demonstrates how the KTA splits up an SOE.

3) All KTA Privatisation transactions are governed by “Rules of Tender.”

These Rules of Tender are modified for each NewCo.
To be certain that you understand precisely the assets and liabilities of any NewCo, YOU MUST REQUEST THE SPECIFIC RULES OF TENDER FOR THAT SPECIFIC NEWCO FROM KTA PRIVATISATION STAFF.

Although the KTA website includes sample Rules of Tender which explain the general Privatisation process, these are only guidelines, NOT the controlling legal instrument.