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Special Spin-off#2

The Kosovo Trust Agency is tasked to privatise Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosovo through the methods of spin-off and liquidation. Investors are invited to buy through open competitive tender the NewCos (new companies) created with the essential assets and some limited liabilities of the SOEs listed below.


Through Special Spin-off

NewCo Ferronikeli Complex, located in central Kosovo, consists of 3 open pit mines with substantial ferronickel ore reserves and a large metallurgical complex. At its operational height in 1989, the company employed approximately 2,000 people, and produced approximately 7,800 metric tonnes of contained nickel.

The 3 open pit mines are:
· Dushkaja mine, which has reserves of 6.2 million tonnes with an average grade of 1.30% Nickel;
· Suka mine, which has reserves of 0.8 million tonnes with an average grade of 1.40% Nickel; and
· Gllavica mine, which has reserves of 6.8 million tonnes with an average grade of 1.33% Nickel.

Interested investors should contact the KTA, which will provide additional information on the bid procedures, the special conditions and evaluation criteria pertaining to this tender, the eligibility criteria, and how to obtain detailed information on Newco Ferronikeli. Potential bidders should prequalify on or before 24th of September 2004.

The first Bid Day for this tender will be on 27th of April 2005.
Second bid day will be on 11th of May 2005

To receive further information, interested investors should contact the KTA which will provide them with additional information on how to bid.

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Fact Sheet Disclaimer

These Fact Sheets provide only a very general overview of each “NewCo” enterprise being tendered. The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) does not warrant the accuracy of any information presented. Prospective investors are encouraged to contact the KTA to request the bid documents related to each tender. It is also advised that prospective investors, prior to the submission of a bid, perform their own due diligence as to the NewCo's business, the assets and liabilities to be sold with the NewCo, and the legal regime under which the business will operate.