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The Kosovo Trust Agency is tasked to privatise Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosovo through the methods of spin-off and liquidation. Investors are invited to buy through open competitive tender the NewCos (new companies) created with the essential assets and some limited liabilities of the SOEs listed below.


NewCo Bottling Plant L.L.C (Lypian/Lipjan) presents the investor a unique opportunity to acquire a well laid out production/distribution facility in Lipjan that traditionally used to produce, bottle and distribute soft drinks based on water, drawn from two water wells. The total area of the site covers 33,097 sq.meters

NewCo Fazita L.L.C (Prishtinë/Pristina) provides the investor with an opportunity to acquire a manufacturing/distribution site, historically involved in wallpaper production. The prime location in the heart of the city, together with the related buildings and infrastructure in place, presents favourable conditions for commercial use. The total area of the site covers 6,822 sq. Meters.

NewCo Fazita Industrial Zone L.L.C (Prishtinë/Pristina) provides the investor with a valuable land parcel, which covers an area of 12 500 sq.meters and occupies a prominent position, well connected to the network of main roads, railway and to the Pristina International Airport. An rare opportunity for every start up business or a development of a new location for an established company.

NewCo Plantacioni Shtime L.L.C was part of SOE Plantacioni. Agricultural production at this facility ceased in the 1990s. This facility comprises 287 hectares of mostly flat agricultural land (17 hectares of Grade 2, 256 hectares of Grade 3&4, 12.8 hectares of Grade 5&6). Situated in the outskirts of Shtime Municipality this NewCo presents an excellent opportunity to buy a large agricultural land plot in close proximity to Ferizaj.

NewCo Plantacioni Refrigeration Plant L.L.C, (Ferizaj /Urosevac) was part of SOE Plantacioni. The cooling plant ceased operations in the 1980 and has since been used primarily as a multi-purpose warehouse. It is located on the south-eastern outskirts of Ferizaj, 3 km from the center of town. The building is equipped with 8 large (1600m3)and 3 small (450m3) cooling chambers and offers a total covered area of 3375m2 (45m x 75m base).

NewCo Plantacioni Ferizaj L.L.C (Ferizaj/Urosevac) comprises approximately 176 hectares of irrigated agricultural land. Situated in Ferizaj/Urosevac Municipality this land plot presents an excellent opportunity to buy a large farm in close proximity to the Ferizaj/Urosevac conurbation.

NewCo Derma Commerce Warehouse Mitrovica L.L.C (Mitrovicë/MItrovica) is a warehouse for the storage of animal hides, with a surface area of 2,150 m2 on a parcel of about 9,481 m2. Convenient access to main transportation links. The warehouse space is flexible in configuration and located in a good part of Mitrovica

NewCo Progresi Printing L.L.C (Mitrovicë/MItrovica) is one of the oldest printers in the Mitrovica region with Heidelberg printing presses able to produce up to 12,000 pages per hour. Specialized in single-colour printed materials including advertising, books, newspapers and forms. It is well located in the Mitrovica industrial zone with a total usable surface area of over 2,600 m2.

NewCo Univerzal Warehouse L.L.C (Leposaviq/Leposavic) is one of the largest warehouses in Leposavic located on a 7,583m2 parcel in the centre of town with excellent access to transportation infrastructure. The warehouse complex includes four independent storage areas within a single building of over 3,000m2 and an administrative building of over 200 m2.

NewCo Univerzal Shopping Mall L.L.C (Leposaviq/Leposavic) is the main Shopping Mall in the Leposavic region, which comprises a surface area of 1,208m2 within a 2,892 m2 parcel of land in the centre of Leposavic. The Shopping Mall retail space is flexible in configuration and suitable for different retail purposes. In addition, there is a substantial amount of office space in the building.

NewCo Perparimi Brick Factory F3 LLC (Skenderaj/Srbica) comprises a traditional ring oven, which is no longer operational, and 18,262 m2 of land located in the entrance of Skenderaj with access to the main road. The location is ideally suited for a variety of commercial or retail activities.

NewCo NewCo Teuta-1 L.L.C is a factory in Vrellë/Vrella, Istog/Istok municipality for the production of woollen cover blankets and carpets. The annual capacity is 165,860m2 of blankets and 6,160 m2 of carpets. The factory dates from 1984 and has a production floor area of 1,000 m2 on a 0.45 hectare site. It is currently not operating but it is believed that production could relatively easily be restarted.

NewCo Teuta-2 L.L.C (Burim/Istok) comprises 2 warehouse compounds on a total land area of 0.87 hectares in Istog/Istok municipality. The buildings, dating from 1995, have a total floor area of 3,408 m². The largest building was damaged in the conflict of 1999 and therefore has to be repaired before it can be used. There is also non-functional wool processing equipment in this building.

NewCo 17 Nentori Department Store L.L.C (Pejë/Pec) is part of SOE Trade Enterprise 17 Nentori. The NewCo includes a Department Store, Administration Building and Supermarket, situated in one building in the centre of Peja/Pec town. The NewCo covers 4,859 m2. The building was constructed in 1977.

NewCo Bujqesia Zahaq L.L.C (Pejë/Pec) comprises approximately 591 hectares of agricultural land. Situated in Peja/Pec Municipality this land plot presents an excellent opportunity to buy a large, well-located farm just outside the Peja/Pec conurbation and on the main road from Peja/Pec to Pristina.

NewCo Printing House (Prizren) L.L.C, was part of NGLB Kosova (ex Ramiz Sadiku Printing). Manufactures a variety of printing and graphics products (e.g. educational, advertising and packaging materials). The facility comprises approx 3,000m² factory unit on a 0.43-hectare site. It also includes a 23m² shop in Prishtina/Pristina.

NewCo Buzagillek L.L.C (Prizren) was part of NGLB Kosova (ex Ramiz Sadiku Printing). Production at this facility ceased in the 1990s. This facility comprises 3,520m² warehouse/factory unit on a 3.0-hectare site. Situated in the suburbs of Prizren town, this facility is suitable for a number of commercial uses and there is a large area of undeveloped land.

NewCo PH Shop (Gjakovë/Djakovica) L.L.C. was part of NGLB Kosova (ex Ramiz Sadiku Printing). This partially reconstructed 22.5m² shop unit is situated in the centre of the commercial quarter of Gjakovë/Djakovica, opposite the Gjakovë/Djakovica Municipal Headquarters. The shop has good road frontage and there is a small public car park nearby. It is ideally suited for a variety of commercial or retail activities.

NewCo PH Shop (Suhareka/Suva Reka) L.L.C was part of NGLB Kosova (ex Ramiz Sadiku Printing). This 56.7m² shop unit is situated in the Suhareka/Suva Reka Shopping Centre No. 1, located adjacent to the Bus Station, opposite the Suhareka/Suva Reka Municipal Headquarters. This prime location, in one of the town's principal shopping complexes is ideally suited for a variety of commercial or retail activities.

The date for submitting bids is 15th September 2004.

To receive further information, interested investors should contact the KTA which will provide them with additional information on how to bid.

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Fact Sheet Disclaimer

These Fact Sheets provide only a very general overview of each “NewCo” enterprise being tendered. The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) does not warrant the accuracy of any information presented. Prospective investors are encouraged to contact the KTA to request the bid documents related to each tender. It is also advised that prospective investors, prior to the submission of a bid, perform their own due diligence as to the NewCo's business, the assets and liabilities to be sold with the NewCo, and the legal regime under which the business will operate.