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Water Enterprises



The Regional Water and Sewage Company “BIFURKACIONI”

The regional Water and Sewage Company “BIFURKACIONI” has been registered in the Ministry of Trade and Industry on April 8 th, 2004 and has been licensed by ROWW on November 1 st, 2005. The company provides water and sewage services to the city of Ferizaj and 8 villages as well as for the urbanized area of Kaçanik with two villages. The Regional Water and Sewage Company “BIFURKACIONI” employs 101 active workers and 9 on social assistance.


Regional Water Company “Hidroregjioni Jugor” Prizren

The Regional Water and Sewage Company “Hidroregjioni Jugor” Prizren, has been consolidated on October 1 st, 2003 and includes Prizren, SuharekŽ, Dragash, and Malisheva region. The Regional Water and Sewage “Hidroregjioni Jugor” Prizren, supplies with potable water the customers of the region, as well as collects, disposes of and treats waste water pursuant to the standards for the protection of the public health and environment.

The Regional Water and Sewage “Hidroregjioni Jugor” Prizren provides services for the consumers of Prizren and 17 villages of this Municipality, consumers of Suhareka with 4 villages, Dragash with 2 villages and Malisheva with two villages. The company employs 170 workers.


Mitrovica Regional Water Company

Mitrovica Regional Water Company has been established in 1950, and supplied with water about 20 000 residents of Mitrovica. In 1970 was opened the new plant in Suvidoll on a capacity of 148 l/sec. In 1983 was opened another plant in Shipol on a capacity of 300 l/sec. In 1986 Mitrovica Regional Water Company increased production capacity for 150 l/sec for the region of Vushtrri and Skenderaj. The central administration of the company is located in Mitrovica, near Railway station.

The main purpose of the company is treatment of unprocessed water, distribution of potable water, billing and cash collection as well as the maintenance of water and sewage network. The region that is covered by this company includes the following municipalities: Mitrovica and Zveçan and the surrounding, Vushtrria and Skenderaj. The location where the plant has been constructed is SHIPOL and the unprocessed water is taken in the canal of HS IBËRLEPENC that runs in village Lushta, near Mitrovica. The Company employs 219 workers of various profiles.


Hydro-system "RADONIQI"

Hydro-system “RADONIQI” (HSR) is a regional water supply company supplying potable water in southwestern Kosovo. Hydro-system “Radoniqi” was established in 1985 and has since been operating without any interruption of its activities. Hydro-system Radoniqi took over operations of wastewater activities in Gjakova and Rahovec since April 2006. The Head office of the company is located in Gjakova. Business units are located in Rahovec and in Prizren.

The initial investigations and studies for the accumulation of water in the Radoniqi lake were done in 1974. Designs for building the artificial lake were carried out in 1977. Construction started in 1978, and the lake started to be filled for the first time in March 1983. The lake was placed in a surface of 5,62 km 2 and it is the second largest lake in Kosovo. The lake was named after the village that was flooded by the water of the river Bistrica e Deçanit, which fills the lake by the diversion structure built in the river.

Hydro-system “RADONIQI” covers the region extending form the village Skivijan (Gjakova region) to the farthest village Zym (Prizren region), altogether almost 220 km 2. The total number of employees in the water and wastewater sector is 222.


Regional Water and Sewage Company “HIDRODRINI”

Regional Water and Sewage Company “HIDRODRINI” supplied with potable water the consumers of Peja region and collects, disposes of and treats water waste pursuant to the standards for the protection of the public health and the environment.

Regional Water and Sewage Company “HIDRODRINI” is comprised of three operational units: Peja, Deçani and Klina operational unit. The regional Company “HIDRODRINI” supplied about 22,162 consumers in Peja, Deçan and Klina municipalities with potable water. “HIDRODRINI” company supplies 39 villages of the three municipalities with potable water. In the future it is expected that 30 more villages shall be added for the services of the company.

The production capacity of the regional water and sewage company “HIDRODRINI” is about Q=970 l/sec or 30.060.000 m³ per year. “HIDRODRINI” provides sewage services for about 55.000 inhabitants of these three municipalities. The regional water and sewage company “HIDRODRINI” employs 164 permanent workers.


The Regional Water and Sewage Company “Hidromorava”

The Regional Water and Sewage Company “Hidromorava” has been established by the end of 2003 pursuant to the joint agreement between Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), Swiss Government (SDC) as donors and the three municipalities (Gjilan, Vitia, and Kamenica). Production, sale of water, sewage services and other services are the main duties of the company. The Company possesses professional infrastructure for the production, accumulation, transportation and distribution of water to the consumers. The Regional Water and Sewage Company “Hidromorava” through the Technical Department is responsible for other services and duties such as the proper functioning of the water plant-production of water, maintenance of pump station, repair, renewal of the distribution network for potable water. Installation of water meters for all the consumers, reading the meters, processing and updating of the distribution network map and, starting October 2003 is accountable for the operation and maintenance of the sewage network.

The geographical layout of the service includes the urban area of Gjilan, Vitia, and Kamenica and completely supplies about 130.000 residents. The center of the company is in Gjilan with two other business units: in Vitia and Kamenica. It is comprised of two departments and three professional offices. 80% of the incomes out of the water service carried by this company is in Gjilan, 10% in Vitia and 10% in Kamenica.


Regional Water System Company “PRISHTINA”

Regional Water System Company “PRISHTINA” is a public enterprise under the administration of Kosovo Trust Agency. RWSC “PRISHTINA” has two plants for treatment of water, Leposaviq and Badovc; initially the water is taken from the accumulating artificial lakes Batllava and Badovc as well as 4 production facilities: Kroni, Obiliq, Shtime and Lipjan. These facilities initially take the water from the underground springs-wells.

The background of Regional water system company “Prishtina” in Prishtina is closely related to the past of the capital of Kosovo-Prishtina and other locations near Prishtina. In 1979-1980, Prishtina, Fushe Kosova, Obiliq was faced with lack of potable water, this region was inhabited by about 140.000 people. This year have started many activities to discover new springs of potable water. In 1980 was constructed Kroni system in village Kuzmin on a capacity of 150 l/sec. In 1983 was built the system from the accumulating lake of Batllava and now this plant produces 900l /sec.

Regional Water System (RWS) “PRISHTINA” provided its services in the central part of Kosovo including the municipalities: Prishtina, Fushë Kosova, Obiliq, Shtime, Lipjan, Besiana and about 65 villages connected in the network of “PRISHTINA”. The number of consumers that RWS “PRISHTINA” provides services is estimated to be 600.000. The current capacity is Q=1400 l/s or about 42.7 million m³/year.

RWS “PRISHTINA” during 2003, 2004 and 2005 has completed the whole process of production and supplying potable water and disposing of wastewater with approximately 370 workers. Following the consolidation process of water system in Lipjan the number of employees has reached 410.

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