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The Kosovo Trust Agency is tasked to privatise Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosovo through the methods of spin-off and liquidation. Investors are invited to buy through open competitive tender the NewCos (new companies) created with the essential assets and some limited liabilities of the SOEs listed below.


The KTA, as trustee pursuant to UNMIK Regulation 2002/12, as amended by UNMIK Regulation 2005/18 (the “KTA Regulation”), has concluded from its analysis of documentation and other evidence in relation to the entities/assets set out below that such entities/assets fall within its jurisdiction pursuant to the KTA Regulation.

NewCo Agricultural Land in Nec 2 L.L.C. - the main assets of this Subsidiary comprise agricultural land located in outskirts of the village of Sllatinë/Slatina in Viti/Vitina Municipality. The total land to be transferred to the Subsidiary is approximately 45 ha. Most of the land was used for growing wheat, barley and corn. However it has not been tended regularly in the last years. (Bid Deposit - 20.000€)

NewCo Grafikos L.L.C.  - is a printing house located in Gjilan/Gnjilane town. The Subsidiary provides services like: printing school books, note books of different formats, labels, lank forms, prospects and different advertising materials. The main assets of this Subsidiary comprise the printing house premises located in Gjilan/Gnjilane town that together with administration space comprise of 1,433m². The building was constructed in 1977 and it is in good condition. Total land area inside the fence is 3,510 m². (Bid Deposit - 20.000€)

NewCo AC Turiqevci L.L.C. - provides the potential investor with an excellent opportunity for any types of business, comprising of 4,329m² of land, several buildings, as well as a convenient location in village Turiqevci, Skenderaj/Srbica Region. (Bid Deposit - 10.000€)

NewCo Nevolan L.L.C. - agriculture land, located in village Nevolane, municipality of Vushtrri/Vucitrn, comprises of approximately 25 hectares of land. (Bid Deposit - 20.000€)

NewCo Bujqësia - Agricultural Land Sverka L.L.C. - is located in Klinë/Klina Municipality. The landholding proposed for this tender includes approximately 85.3 hectares of agricultural land, located in cadastral zones of Sverka and Kliqina in Klinë/Klina Municipality. (Bid Deposit - 20.000€)

NewCo Bujqësia Agricultural Land Kliqina L.L.C. - provides investors with the opportunity to acquire about 78.5 ha of agricultural land. The landholding is located in cadastral zones of Sverka and Kliqina in Klinë/Klina Municipality. (Bid Deposit - 20.000€)

NewCo Fryti L.L.C. - with cooperative administration building and depots and approximately 1.06.52 hectares (1 0652 m²) of land. (Bid Deposit - 20.000€)

NewCo Gadime Quarry L.L.C. - is located in Gadime, Municipality of Lipjan/Lipljan, and includes a land parcel of approx. 62,904 m². The Enterprise in the past was composed of "Lignite Quarry" which since 1990's is not operating and the "Stone Quarry" called today "Seperacioni i Gurëve". This Enterprise is involved in production of Gravel fractions and Filer (stone power) required mostly for the road construction. (Bid Deposit - 20.000€)

NewCo Agricultural land Shkabaj L.L.C. - provides the potential investor with an excellent opportunity to acquire very good agriculture land most of it under irrigation infrastructure of Iber Lepenci irrigation company. The enterprise is comprised of approximately 298 hectares of agricultural land divided in the following Cadastral zones: :Shkabaj/Orlloviq, Prishtina, Krushefc, Fushe Kosove.
The new co comprises as well machinery service unit with agriculture machinery in Shkabaj village. (Bid Deposit - 100.000€)


Last Day for Pre-qualification is: 16 January 2008
The Day for submitting bids is: 23 January 2008



To receive further information, interested investors should contact the KTA which will provide them with additional information on how to bid.

Kosovo Trust Agency
The Privatisation Department
Street "Ilir Konushevci" No.8, Pristina, Kosovo
Tel:++ 381 38 500 400 /1255
Fax: ++ 381 38 248 076
E-mail: soetenders@eumik.org
Website: www.kta-kosovo.org

Fact Sheet Disclaimer

These Fact Sheets provide only a very general overview of each “NewCo” enterprise being tendered. The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) does not warrant the accuracy of any information presented. Prospective investors are encouraged to contact the KTA to request the bid documents related to each tender. It is also advised that prospective investors, prior to the submission of a bid, perform their own due diligence as to the NewCo's business, the assets and liabilities to be sold with the NewCo, and the legal regime under which the business will operate.